Inspired by watchmaking history, the cushion shape of the case signs the design of the Augarde watch. A perfect compromise between the classic round and segmented square, it catches the eye at first glance with its chic and timeless style.

Available in stainless steel or in stainless steel PVD rose gold with polished and brushed finishes, the flat case has a diameter of 38 mm, adapting equally well to a feminine or masculine wrist. Lightweight and prolonged by curved lugs, it offers real comfort to the wearer.

The dial, with a matt white or black background, highlights imposing Arabic numerals positioned at the 4 cardinal points for a touch of modernity.

They are set off by a pair of finely polished hands covered with luminescent material offering maximum visibility of the time, even in the dark.

This quartz watch is equipped with a Japanese Miyota movement, guaranteeing reliability and robustness.

There are things in watchmaking whose origin is lost in the mists of time and whose invention does not really belong to anyone in its own right. This is the case of watch cases with the so-called “cushion” shape so characteristic of the first wristwatches.

The wristwatch as we know it today is the result of an evolution aiming to meet 2 essential objectives: to ensure the portability of an instrument that tells the time, and to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Its initial vocation was military, because it is easier to find the time on your wrist than in the pocket of your frock coat… In the face of the world conflicts at the beginning of the 20th century, most of the first wristwatches were in fact women’s collar watches, which were modified by handles to pass a leather ribbon through them in order to attach them to men’s wrists.

Then appeared square cases, free of sharp angles, allowing to widen the handles to fix the bracelet and to stabilize the watch on the wrist. Its cushion-like shape earned it its name.


The Augarde watch adopts a gender mix, it will be comfortable on both female and male wrists. It lives at the tempo of fashion and adds pep to the wrist.

Identity through its case, the Augarde watch allows you to twist the bracelets according to your desires. Mounted on a flash pump equipped with a manually operable pin, the straps can be changed in thirty seconds, without any tools or complexity. And there, Augarde leaves the pleasure of the choice!

Available in 10 colours to satisfy all tastes, these Augarde interchangeable bracelets are made of soft silicone with a peach skin feel and anti-dust treatment.

Also available in full grain Italian leather for those who prefer a more classic look, they are carefully worked, right down to the Augarde pin buckle.

Metamorphosing in the blink of an eye to match a sporty, chic or casual look, the Augarde watch reinvents itself ad infinitum to play on a plurality of styles.


Fascinated by the world of watchmaking micromechanics and eager to learn, he decided to deepen his knowledge by becoming a state-qualified watchmaker.

In 2011, he founded Objectif Horlogerie, whose workshops in France and abroad aim to pass on watchmaking know-how to all neophytes, whether they are curious or keen on watches, and to democratise the watchmaking discipline.

On the strength of this success, it extends the adventure and creates in 2017 its website OH Selection offering watch accessories selected, tested and approved by experts in the field.

Always driven by the deep desire to share his love of watchmaking, Samir Khemici creates in 2019 the House of Augarde which materializes his passion through the design of his first model.